About security-related warnings during installation

Desktop application version (one not a Windows store application) The following warning may be given at the time of installation.

"Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer?"

This means that it does not have a digital signature certifying that it has not been tampered with from the publisher's original.
The Windows Store application version has a standard electronic signature.
Do not worry if you download from this web site. Even with an electronic signature, the software is not always reliable.

"Windows protected your PC"

Clicking "More info" displays the "Run anyway". Button so you can install it.
This is warned against softwares that are not running so often, often after updating the version.

About false detection of security software

Depending on antivirus software, warnings and forced removal may occur. This treats software with few people to use as malware. In this case, please exclude it by setting security software.

Unique antivirus measures

It shows the mechanism that does not start if the file is corrupted due to virus infection etc.
In this case please download again and reinstall.