License agreement (Desktop Application version)

Be sure to read before using Cutting Planner.
If you do not agree, you can not use this software.

Original Japanese version

Cutting Planner End User License Agreement

When using Cutting Planner (hereinafter referred to as the software) on your computer (hereinafter referred to as PC), please agree to the following software license agreement. the software includes programs, images and documents.

1. License agreement
The software can be used free of charge for evaluation and trial use only for 30 days after installation. If you pass 30 days after installation you must purchase a license. 1 license is a right that can be used on one PC. In case of simultaneous use with multiple PCs, the number of licenses for that number is required. When multiple licenses are purchased at the same time, it is limited to use under the same name of the purchased customer.

2. Copyright
The copyright of the software belongs to TubakuroSoft.

3. Prohibited matter
Information that cancels the function restriction of the software can not be provided to a third party.
Information that cancels the function restriction of the software can not be obtained from a third party.
You can not reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the software.
You can not change or modify the software.
License of the software can not be transferred or rented.

4. Disclaimer
The copyright owner is not responsible for any loss of the direct or indirect benefit of the software or related services. All problems resulting from the use of the Software shall be dealt with at your own risk.
We are not responsible for supporting handling of the software.

5. Termination
If you breach this agreement, the license of the software will expire. If leakage of the license key is confirmed on the Internet etc, we will invalidate the key without notifying the customer. In case of additional purchase after breach of contract, we will purchase at double the price without discount.
The user of the Software may not request payment under any obligation on compensation for the author against the termination of this Agreement for any reason.

6. language
If this agreement or the document relating to this Agreement is translated into a language other than Japanese, if there is a difference in interpretation between the Japanese version and the translated version, the Japanese version will prevail.

7. Other
This provision shall be governed by Japanese law.
Legal matters related to the software shall be used only by the competent court designated by us.