Case Studies, Customer's Voice

Case Studies, Customer's Voice
We will show you excerpts of customers' voices that actually arrived with e-mail etc.
In fact, there are many cases that you can tell us that there are errors, malfunctions etc. In fact, we improve more reliability by every improvement.

  • Easy to use as well as taking materials from the original plate.
  • Even though I did not buy it, your company could answer the question carefully.
  • This software is very useful software.
  • I am satisfied with calculation speed and calculation result.
  • Utilizing this software will surely improve board yield.
  • This software is very wonderful, easy to use, after consideration within the department, we will use it.
  • We are using it to cut SUS thin plate.
  • The things that I was doing manually can be done in a short time!
  • Cost performance is the best.
  • It is linked with inventory data with command line option.

The 2D Cut Optimizer is actually used by many customers from small workshops to famous companies.