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Business contents
Development and sales of rectangular material cutting optimization software "Cutting Planner".
Development and distribution of freeware calculator software "M-Calc".

Publish Cutting Planner
July 11, 2010

Declared a shop name to TubakuroSoft.
July 15, 2012

Tubakuro means swallow in Japanese.
The Swallow made the nest for the first time at the entrance of my house. I was not interested in animals at all, but it has become interesting when I look at it for a while. I became able to understand the individuality of the swallows and be able to identify individuals. They have intelligence and sociality beyond my imagination. I think that it is not simply habits or instincts. But there is no swallow image on this site. (At the time of writing) The reason is next.
1st group: Children were eaten by the crow.
2nd group: Children were eaten by snakes.
3rd group: A snake has eaten a parent bird.
4th group: The crow broke the nest.
5th group: The sparrow was attacked by the nest.
It is very difficult for Swallow to become an adult safely. I am disappointed, but this is natural. I hope to succeed in safely next time.
It is also difficult to make wonderful software. However, I have gradually developed the "Cutting Planner" little by little. Swallows are positive though they have a hard time. I learned the swallows and made a shop name TubakuroSoft.

It came flying from three bird 's nest for the first time on June 15, 2013, as I got to know the crow, snake, sparrow countermeasure know - how.