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Cut optimizer (Cutting Planner) is sheet panel and length cutting optimization software.
It efficiently cuts rectangular materials such as panels, plywood, boards, sheets, glass, coil materials, metal and saves time and money.

Cut optimizer, calculator : Cutting Planner

Main Form

Cutting Planner calculates a highly efficient cutting plan for cutting materials using shearing or panel saws in furniture manufacturing, sheet metal processing, and other manufacturing industries.

When cutting out board material from plywood or aluminum plate, are not you suffering like a puzzle?
With Cutting Planner, you do not have to rely on skilled craftsmen. 

There is no time to think about the cutting procedure and you can start working immediately. 
We will save materials cost, waste cost, energy cost, management cost, and time.

Free Download  For Windows 7 or later
Version 8.04 Updated on June 16, 2018

Once purchased, version upgrade is free, starting to use early and using it for a long time is advantageous.
10 license pack is a big discount.
You can expect to be able to recover the investment amount of software purchase price quickly.

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  • A simple user interface that can be operated intuitively.

  • Used in machining to cut the plate material in a straight line like a shearing machine or a panel saw. (Guillotine cutting, Edge to edge, Rectangular Nesting)
  • Corresponds to coil material.
  • Possible or impossible to rotate parts can be individually set.
  • Easier to know which part to cut from by the cutting assist line.
  • Support cutting optimization of one-dimensional (long material) materials.

 High speed and High yield

Maximize the capabilities of PC with multicore processor support.
Calculate the number of parts about 2,500 in 4 seconds, the average yield is 95.77%.
An example of randomly generated data. See "Measurement conditions". Please download and experience with actual data.

 Corresponds to fraction inch

Corresponds to multiple length formats.
  • Decimal
    e.g. 123.4 mm; 12.3"
    Please assume the unit of numerical value freely, such as millimeter or inch.

  • Feet and decimal inches
    e.g. 12' 3.45"

  • Fractional inches
    e.g. 12-31/32"

  • Feet and fractional inches
    e.g. 12' 3-63/64"

 Case study, customer's voice

We will show you excerpts of customers' voices that actually arrived with e-mail etc.
There are times when you can tell me that there are errors and troubles actually. Thanks to that, we can improve and further improve our reliability.

  • Not only to take out the material from the original plate, it is easy to use.
  • I did not buy it, but your company could answer questions carefully.
  • This software is very useful software.
  • I am satisfied with the calculation speed and the calculation result.
  • The use of this software will surely improve the yield of the board.
  • This software is very nice, easy to use, after consideration within the department, we will use it.
  • It is used for cutting of SUS thin plate.
  • What I was doing manually can be completed in a short time!
  • Cost performance is the best.
  • Linked with inventory data with command line options.

  • I was impressed that the work that took several hours was completed in just a few seconds.