August 13, 2017 TubakuroSoft.
Publish freeware version of Cutting Planner

TubakuroSoft has released Cutting Planner Free, a free version of rectangle cutting optimization software. This is a software for Windows which calculates a highly efficient cut pattern when cutting a rectangular member from a sheet-like material. Mainly contribute to productivity improvement in manufacturing industry.

The first public release of the paid version is July 11, 2010. In the free version, the number of calculable parts panels is limited to ten. Although it is possible to use it for personal hobby purposes, it is a version that can not be used directly for business use. However, it can be used for tests assuming business use, and the number of parts panels is unlimited when random data generation function is used. It is possible to check the calculation speed and the yield in a large scale problem.

Also, as before, you can try full function in 30 day free trial version, you can check the feeling of use in actual business use.

The download of the free version is a campaign until the end of September 2017.
This campaign may be canceled or extended without notice.

2017年8月13日 つばくろそふと
Cutting Plannerのフリーウェア版を公開する

「つばくろそふと」は矩形材切断最適化ソフトウェアの無料版 Cutting Planner Free をリリースしました。これはパネルソーやシャーリングなどで長方形部材を切切り出す場合の高効率カットパターンを計算するWindows向けソフトウェアです。主に製造業の生産性向上に貢献します。