The English version is under development.

"Cutting Planner" improves the yield when cutting a rectangular material such as plywood, aluminum plate, glass or coil material.

Generally, required a lot of time for calculating with calculator and considering, or starting with available large part first. This issue is called "Combinatorial optimizing". Increasing cutting pattern factorially with every increase in kind of part and stock panel (board material), and if listing every pattern, it can be listed infinitely. Therefore, it's impossible to obtain optimum solution. We developed unique algorithm for this looking easy but actually difficult issue, combined our experiences obtained from actual factory works and advantage of computer. The software outputs near optimum solution within practical time and with practical results. Many users from small workshops to large factories are already using for various purpose. With the software, saving resources, improving yield, and saving time and money.

After the installation, 30 days’ free trial is available.

  • Output wood conversion design for board straight cutting process of panel saw, shirring etc.
  • Input stock panel (board material) data and part data, layout parts automatically, and display and print is available.
  • Layout one-dimensional material
  • No limitation for type and quantity of stock panel (board material) and part substantially (Depending on the memory)
  • Stock panel (board material) can be handled, up to 1 km * 6.5 m, and for part up to 6.5 m * 6.5 m, with 0.1 mm unit (Unit length can be set freely)
  • Revolving part setting is available separately.
  • Layout adjusting the ability of the cutting machine, such as offset or maximum cut length of cutting machine.
  • Unique layout algorithm allows high speed, high yield, and memory saving, and applying for large scale process.
  • Used for multi-core processor PC maximizing the performance.
  • Available to connect with other software with XML and CSV format input/output.