Cutting optimization software "Cutting Planner"

"Cutting Planner" is 2D and 1D Cutting Optimizer : Cutting optimization software.

It improves the yield when cutting rectangular material such as plywood, aluminum plate, glass or coil material. Cutting Optimizer saves your time and money.

  • Output wood conversion design for board straight cutting process of panel saw, shirring etc.
  • Input stock panel (board material) data and part data, layout parts automatically, and display and print is available.
  • Stock panel (board material) can be handled, up to 1 km * 6.5 m, and for part up to 6.5 m * 6.5 m, with 0.1 mm unit (Unit length can be set freely)
  • Revolving part setting is available separately.
  • Layout adjusting the ability of the cutting machine, such as offset or maximum cut length of cutting machine.
  • Used for multi-core processor PC maximizing the performance.
  • You can link with other software with XML, CSV format input / output and command line option support.
  • Layout 1D / 2D material.
  • 30 days’ free trial.
  • Unlimited quantity can be calculated. (depending on memory)
  • Version upgrade is free if you purchase once.
  • We recommend 10 license packs for great discounts. $ 40 USD per PC.
Main Form

When cutting a rectangular piece from a large rectangular material, you usually use a calculator or cut out large areas in order. This is very time-consuming.
This problem is called "cutting optimization". The cutout pattern increases in a factorial fashion each time the type of the member and the master increases, and virtually infinite when all are enumerated. Therefore, it is impossible to obtain an optimal solution. In response to this difficult problem, we developed a unique algorithm that combines the experience gained from actual factory work and the computer's advantages over real difficult problems. Although an optimal solution is impossible, "Cutting Planner" can give practical results. This software has already been utilized in various scenes from small workshops to large-scale factories.
This software saves resources, improves yield, saves time and cost.

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